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Join industry leaders, BluLogix CEO Youssef Yaghmour and MGI Research’s Igor Stenmark and Andrew Daily as they share insights into not only the benefits of usage-based pricing but also how to build your roadmap for implementing complex subscription management and billing – from your usage-based billing technology, to the data you’ll need to integrate and the automations and workflows needed to scale.

Layoffs of key staff, needing to do more with less, pressures around growing profitably, attracting new customers and reducing churn, all while remaining accurate and compliant.   

Hosted by NASTD Communications Director, Brad Steele and NASTD member, Parsolvo and featuring Tim Cook, co-founder of BluLogix, an award winning configurable platform that bridges the gaps between CRM, ERP and related business and accounting practices for the Public Sector.

How do you rapidly grow ARR subscription revenue? For high-volume and complex subscription companies, it’s critical to identify growth levers that will build your business.

When it comes to the subscription business, growth is everything. You can expand your channels, your markets, your products, your packages, acquire companies – the options are endless.

Subscription offerings are rapidly becoming the dominant delivery mechanism for services and products in the economy. Whether you’re a traditional business or are preparing to build a business with subscription billing in mind, there are crucial questions you need to be asking yourself before it’s too late; things that might not seem obvious as you start out.

With customers increasingly showing a preference to purchase and renew technology subscriptions online, companies have been heavily investing in eCommerce, CPQ, CLM, and subscription billing solutions to move these transactions to the website. But implementation and consulting services are often an afterthought, and few tech companies have been able to successfully automate the quote-to-cash cycle for services.

There’s no doubt that subscription offerings are the fastest-growing delivery mechanism in the market and, before too long, it will be the dominant way to deliver services and products in the economy. Regardless of what business you are in – product or service delivery – if you’re not considering it, you’re already behind the curve.

The biggest barrier to sales and renewal automation is not technology, but resistance to overhauling legacy processes.

2021 has seen the rise of the Usage Economy as companies look to add usage and consumption pricing models to their offerings. Usage pricing provides numerous benefits – a financially attractive entry point to try services, pay-as-you-go offers, greater flexibility, and can help tie price directly to the value your customers perceive. But usage models can also be financially risky and operationally challenging to implement.

Digital transformation demands innovation and diligence. It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying off the shelf. Or over-engineered customization that leaves you with a big bill and more questions than answers.

The ability to establish an ecosystem of interconnected devices provides significant challenges and unique opportunities. 

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Unleashing Usage-Based Pricing to Drive Growth, Customer Satisfaction and Retention: The Why’s, How’s and Roadmap Webinar