Cloud Extensibility Platform

Customize Your Monetization Platform Quickly and Cost-Effectively

BluIQ Cloud Extensibility Platform (CEP)

The BluIQ Cloud Extensibility Platform (CEP) , an all-in-one customization framework to help companies more quickly, easily and cost effectively personalize their subscription management and billing system to meet their business needs

BluIQ CEP offers a cost-effective and time-saving approach for enterprises and systems integrators to create unique and rich applications on the Cloud, with its model-driven platform and pre-built components that require little coding and ensures developers will not need to reinvent the wheel or code from scratch. 

It’s Never Been Easier to Integrate Your Subscription Management & Billing

All-in-one Customization Framework

BluIQ CEP is an innovative Software-as-a-Service based technology stack that offers an all-in-one development framework and SDK foundation to allow enterprises to extend their billing functionality across their entire monetization process, enabling them to build their billing system, their way and extend their system beyond simply billing.

BluIQ CEP facilitates rapid development capability for

  • Enhancing or completely redesigning the user experience or workflow to match a customer’s existing business process
  • Adding additional data sources or functionality to BluIQ to streamline the entire monetization process
  • Integrating third party systems with BluIQ Toolkit or embedding part of BluIQ Marketplace or Storefront into other applications
  • Developing whole new web application/solution or new functionality that enhance productivity or automate data and business tasks
  • Building new headless commerce engines to customize and enhance ecommerce  

Avoid Reinventing the Wheel or Coding from Scratch.

  • Rapid development:  Allow your developers to integrate pre-coded features simply and efficiently, using the resources of your choosing (your staff, your SI or even BluLogix engineers), to accelerate development by up to 80% and reduce the time to launch
  • Cost-saving:  Significantly reduce engineering time and the costs needed to develop, maintain and update code (not to mention giving you control over the process)
  • Customization: Tailor your subscription management and billing platform, creating truly personalized experiences
  • Improved user experience: Ensure the systems work well with other applications and run smoothly for a no defects customer experience
  • Build your own IP: Create new applications, functionality and interfaces, ensuring competitive differentiation 
Avoid Reinventing the Wheel or Coding from Scratch.

Personalize Your Subscription Management and Billing System

Personalize Your Subscription Management and Billing System

Using BluIQ CEP advanced tools including pre-established Frameworks, SDKs, rich, reusable and pre-built blocks that developers can configure and build objects on top of to create the required functionality quickly and efficiently.

  • BluIQ CEP’s entire environment is highly secured and provides process end-to-end process, including development, testing (integration), staging and production infrastructure based on Multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service. 
  • BluIQ CEP is a fully-managed solution that is hosted on AWS infrastructure which offers scalability, reliability and high-availability without the need for self-provisioning, administration resources, software updates or security patches.
  • Capacity provisioning, load balancing, scaling, and application health monitoring are all handled.

Streamline Business Processes with Seamless Third-Party Integrations

Utilize powerful REST API to exchange data with external platforms that contain information related to customers, services, billing, or revenue lifecycle.

End-to-end intelligent billing solutions built to work the way you want.

Keep your systems aligned and up to date with automated third-party integrations. With BluIQ, your systems are integrated and updated aligned to your business processes.    With the payment gateway ecosystem, partners connect directly.

BluIQ lets you integrate across a range of systems from ERP to CRM to tax compliance solutions so you can leverage third party data and build your billing solution, your way.

Streamline Business Processes with Seamless Third-Party Integrations

How our Customers are Using the CEP

How our Customers are Using the CEP

Integrate with your existing systems and processes to create a fully connected monetization solution

  • Integrate your field management system to trigger the billing system once a customer signs off on installation of a system
  • Own the IP for your customer storefront that integrates territory identification, order management, provisioning and your ERP
  • Build a customized data cleanup process that allows bulk modifications for rating and data staging & mediation data automatically
  • Leverage pre-built tool kits to build your own billing system from the ground up, shaving up to 80% off of development time

Get beyond basic billing with a monetization
solution built for any scenario.

BluLogix delivers a subscription, usage-based, and consumption billing platform
that accelerates revenue growth, enables digital transformation, and empowers channels.