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Lessons, observations and insights for the subscription business

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A collection of recorded webinars and videos on Software-as-a-Service and Subscription Management

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How BluIQ helps our customers’ subscription businesses successfully grow

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Details on BluIQ subscription management and billing platform specifications

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The latest news and analyst reports on the Software-as-a-Service and Subscription industry

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Subscription and Software-as-a-Service guides with actionable insights

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Billing Software

Transaction focused billing software is causing digital economy businesses to lose millions of dollars in revenue and experience high churn rates

B2B Monetization

Success with B2B monetization requires that organizations move beyond traditional billing practices, accelerate market-facing responsiveness, and go-to-market speed.

Channel Sales

Subscription billing and recurring revenue models are a great way to increase your channel sales. Learn how here.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) software helps companies accelerate sales by automatically generating quotes for products and services.

Cultural Transformation

In order to successfully implement a recurring revenue model, businesses need to undergo a cultural transformation.

Customer Success

A focus on customer success through personnel and technology can help accelerate growth for your organization.

Digital Transformation

Learn how Digital Transformation enables new growth, channels and revenue engines.


Globalization is a key lever of growth. Learn how to extend your subscription model globally.

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Go to Market Strategy

In today’s tech-first world, digital transformation is key to your go-to-market strategy. Learn more about how to use your GTM to meet your growth goals.

IoT Billing

Monetization is the missing layer in most Internet of Things (IoT) technology stacks. Don’t plan to fail by failing to plan.

Monetization Platform

A monetization platform is a system that helps companies to price, package, and bill for their products and services. A good one will help optimize your revenue and growth.

Process Automation

Process automation can be used to streamline billing, invoicing, and other repetitive tasks. Learn how BluLogix can help you succeed


Productization, the process of turning a service into a product, through subscription billing can help to accelerate growth and improve profitability.

Recurring Revenue Management

Recurring revenue management is the process of managing the revenue that comes in on a recurring basis. Learn how BluLogix can help you succeed.

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Revenue Management

In the subscription economy, revenue management is critical to success for optimizing pricing packaging, promotions and other growth levers.

Software-as-a-Service Billing

Software-as-a-Service billing is the process of charging for and collecting payments for software that is delivered as a service, through a variety of methods, including subscription billing, usage-based billing, and more.

Software-as-a-Service Pricing

Managing Software-as-a-Service pricing models, scenarios and product catalogs can be a challenge. Learn how to leverage the right systems to optimize your revenue.

Subscription Billing

Subscription billing is the process of charging for and collecting payments on a recurring basis. It can be used for physical goods, digital products, services, and more.

Subscription Economics

Subscription economics refers to the financial models and principles that underpin the subscription economy. Subscription economics can help you to optimize your pricing, packaging, and more.

Subscription KPI’s & Reporting

Reconcile gaps, increase profit margins, rev up profitability, plug cost leaks, and address issues such as unbilled items — all easily managed with predictive analytics and reporting offer visibility.

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Subscription Management

Learn how to grow and sustain your recurring revenue business with the solutions you need to scale.

Telecom Billing

Telecom billing can be done through a variety of methods, including subscription billing, usage-based billing, and more.

UCaaS Billing

UCaaS billing is the process of charging for and collecting payments for Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS).

Usage / Consumption Billing

Best practices in servicing customers who require sophisticated calculation of consumption or metered rating and billing, with shared units and advanced consumption rules.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about subscription billing and monetization. Use these articles to guide you as you implement a monetization platform.

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