Webinar | How to Monetize Your Iot/Software-as-a-Service Offerings in 2021

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IoT provides an unprecedented opportunity to manage digital assets, create new solution offerings, and redefine revenue models.   

The ability to establish an ecosystem of interconnected devices provides significant challenges and unique opportunities. 

This session will focus on three ways to embrace the complexity inherent in an IoT environment:  

  • Identify and manage recurring revenue opportunities:  As a device manufacturer or solutions provider, create a seamless monetization process and convert any product into an ‘as-a-Service’ offering.   
  • Create new consumption and content-based service offerings: Establish new pricing models for existing products and new usage-based offerings.  
  • Manage device and service lifecycle to monetize assets effectively: Leverage device, network, location, and usage data to optimize asset from activation through the end of service.

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