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BluLogix Platform and Methodology

BluIQ™ is a configurable platform that bridges the gaps between your CRM, ERP and related business processes. Create a seamless monetization process and convert any product into an as-a-Service offering.​

Your Existing CRM Your Existing ERP CPQ+ D igi t a l T r ans f orm a tion O r chest r a tion Channe l M an a geme n t Co r e Billing Engine R e v enue R ec o gnition

The BluLogix approach ensures implementation success through its detailed discovery and planning phases. The front-end planning ensures solutions can be implemented rapidly and are properly configured to unique needs.

Pr e-di s c ov er y Pr ojecting Scoping & Pha s es Go to p r oduction T esting & V alid a tion I mpleme n t a tion Knowledge Transfer Da t a Mig r a tion D i s c ov er y W or k shop R e-di s c ov er y

Our monetization experts engage with you to align your business requirements with our solutions.

A customized scope of work and level of effort required to deliver a solution that meets expectations.

Tightly controlled project management against project milestones and timelines.

Unit testing
Integration testing
Full cycle validation

Operationalizing a new monetization process will require change management and knowledge transfer.

Once thorough testing is complete in a sandbox environment the final phase is the production phase in a live environment.

Detailed workshops that align existing systems and process with newly defined monetization automation.

Migrate from one system or process to a new system or process without disrupting the business.

Lessons are learned, and assumptions validated or invalidated. Re-discovery formalizes the process of tuning up and evolving.

BluLogix announces the launch of BluIQ Cloud Development Toolkit

BluLogix announces the launch of BluIQ Cloud Development Toolkit

BluLogix launches the BluIQ Cloud Development Toolkit (CDT), an all-in-one customization framework to help companies more quickly, easily and cost effectively personalize their subscription management and billing system to meet their business needs

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Complimentary Gartner® Report: 2023 Gartner® Benefit From B2B Digital Commerce: Improve Cost, Revenue and CX

According to April 2023 Gartner report Benefit From B2B Digital Commerce: Improve Cost, Revenue and CX

  • By 2024, 15% of B2B organizations will use digital commerce platforms to support both customers and sales reps in all sales activities.
  • By 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels.

The challenge for midsize companies?  Companies with robust digital channels will be processing the lion’s share of transactions in a short two years.  How prepared are you? 


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