Case Studies

For companies with complex business models and multiple integrations, custom development has always been a challenge – it takes too long, costs too much and removes all of the control from your team.

The BluIQ Cloud Development Toolkit (CDT) to the rescue. This innovative SaaS-based technology stack, with a development framework, SDK’s, developer tools and API’s puts the control back in your hands.

The client sold business communications systems in a traditional ‘hardware and service transaction’ model. In a highly competitive market, they were losing business to new cloud-based offerings, who were delivering an ‘-as-a-subscription’ and pay-as-you-go model.

How BluLogix solved one state’s chargeback and bill-back issues, saved them thousands of annual man-hours, and improved its ability to validate and pay vendors.

The Company realized, in order to move from a perpetual license model to a subscription model, it would need to invest in technology that could support a subscription quote-to-cash process.

The Company required the ability to read invoice data from upstream Service Providers, then convert this data to a Company generated invoice, to send to the Partner (Wholesale) or Master Agent to Customer (Bill-on-Behalf).

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