Case Studies

Learn how one company is leveraging the CDT to build a best-in-class customer experience that differentiates them and most importantly, remains their IP as they expand into new markets.

For companies with complex business models and multiple integrations, custom development has always been a challenge – it takes too long, costs too much and removes all of the control from your team.

The BluIQ Cloud Development Toolkit (CDT) to the rescue. This innovative Software-as-a-Service based technology stack, with a development framework, SDK’s, developer tools and API’s puts the control back in your hands.

The client sold business communications systems in a traditional ‘hardware and service transaction’ model. In a highly competitive market, they were losing business to new cloud-based offerings, who were delivering an ‘-as-a-subscription’ and pay-as-you-go model.

How BluLogix solved one state’s chargeback and bill-back issues, saved them thousands of annual man-hours, and improved its ability to validate and pay vendors.

The Company realized, in order to move from a perpetual license model to a subscription model, it would need to invest in technology that could support a subscription quote-to-cash process.

The Company required the ability to read invoice data from upstream Service Providers, then convert this data to a Company generated invoice, to send to the Partner (Wholesale) or Master Agent to Customer (Bill-on-Behalf).

Optimizing manufacturing operations, empowering channel customers and increasing competitiveness with new product offerings.

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Subscription Billing and Monetization

The Usage Pricing Revolution: Managing Data to Unlock Success