BluIQ Integration & Provisioning Gateway

End-to-end Integration for Seamless Order Activation and Provisioning

BluIQ’s Integration & Provisioning Gateway leverages the Extensibility Platform to allow you to streamline the entire process, enabling seamless integration and provisioning without costly custom development.

Provisioning Automation & 3rd Party Interface

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In today’s competitive landscape, delivering an exceptional onboarding, customer support, and billing experience is critical. However, achieving this requires seamless platform integration and the development of new solutions to connect these processes.

Effortless Integration with Multiple Sources

  • Using BluLogix, you can effortlessly integrate your CRM, ERP, platform systems, provisioning and activation to achieve one end-to-end automated service and billing platform
  • Build provisioning automation for a smoother process.
  • Create a customer portal that seamlessly integrates with third-party providers.

Workforce Management Integration

  • Facilitate integration with workforce management applications.
  • Technicians can complete orders automatically post-installation.
  • Efficiently handle order management, order acceptance, and GL integration into your ERP.

ONE SOURCE of Truth for Billing and Service Data

With BluIQ, you can connect your data to your billing process using Integrated Service Management, including Digital and Virtual Inventory, Provisioning & Fulfillment, Activation, Entitlements, and Service Reconciliation

  • Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings
  • Streamline and automate the management of service data.
  • Create an efficient and scalable infrastructure for digital transformation.
  • Achieve greater accuracy and control over billing and service data.
  • Increased efficiency and time/cost saving.

Streamline and automate the management of service data within your internal infrastructure and with suppliers and providers for a seamless experience.

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Streamlined Service Activation and Provisioning

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Streamline and control provisioning and service activation tasks using BluIQ Platform provisioning capability or a third-party provisioning gateway

  • Enable provisioning requests for relevant products in the catalog.
  • Configure provisioning-related items and hierarchy in the catalog.
  • Create processes for automated integration between BluIQ and service platforms or third-party systems.
  • Utilize a provisioning dashboard to streamline and control activation tasks.
  • Provision directly on service platforms and generate billing reconciliation files for seamless integration.
  • Define provisioning guidelines for changes and updates (MACD) that can happen to customer’s products and services
  • Define dunning provisioning guidelines for how to handle suspension, reactivation or termination actions related to finance and contractual terms​

End-to-End Service Automation

Unleash the Power of ONE Source for Billing and Service Data

  • Triggered provisioning workflow from order entry.
  • Third party Integration support (API, Webhooks and more) with connection to multiple events such as activation, MACD, and more
  • Automated suspension and reactivation based on triggering events.

Triggering by financial or consumption control such as credit, volume, collection and more.

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Experience Effortless Activation with BluIQ

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BluIQ ensures an end-to-end automated order fulfillment process. Our integrated order orchestration, provisioning, and activation capabilities work seamlessly with downstream systems.

  • Streamlined Provisioning and Activation
  • Order Orchestration for Effortless Fulfillment
  • Effortless Integration with Multiple Systems
  • Comprehensive Inventory Management for Physical and Virtual Devices

Easily gauge the effects of price adjustments, volume fluctuations, and discounts across services, products, providers, channels, customers, invoices, periods and billing entities

Experience the benefits of BluIQ’s integrated service management

Discover the advantages of the BluIQ Integration and Provisioning Gateway

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Increase efficiency and save valuable time and costs by connecting your data seamlessly. Streamline and automate the management of service data within your internal infrastructure and with suppliers and providers.
  • Streamlined Operations: Simplify your operations by centralizing and standardizing service data. With BluIQ, you can create an efficient and scalable infrastructure that supports digital transformation and enables seamless business environment operation.
  • Cost Savings: By eliminating data discrepancies and manual processes, BluIQ helps you reduce errors and associated costs. Achieve greater accuracy and control over your billing and service data.
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Best in Class Customer Experience to Drive Revenue Growth for One Fiber Company

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BluLogix recently helped one world-class fiber company deploy a fully integrated process, and even more importantly, differentiate their customer experience against their competitors with superior onboarding and customer support.  Get the case study

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