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By automating complex recurring billing, subscription management, quote-to-cash and revenue analytics, BluIQ enables companies to quickly scale, unlock new revenue opportunities and monetize new innovations quickly, across any combination of subscription, ‘as-a-Service,’ episodic, hybrid, one-time or consumption-based business models, allowing you to quickly, easily and cost effectively connect the entire monetization process.

No matter the complexity, BluIQ is built for B2B enterprises who are looking to capitalize on today’s subscription revolution. BluIQ™ is your platform for evolving your business model to XaaS, without compromise.

Don’t let your billing software force you into somebody else’s concept of what your business model should look like, or take on costly and time-consuming customizations needed to meet your business requirements.

Built for Complexity

Built for Complexity

Complexity Simplified

No long and expensive consulting engagements required, BluIQ™ is configurable to meet your needs, extensible to meet your business requirements.

At BluLogix, we understand complexity. In fact, BluIQ is the only subscription management and billing platform purpose built for it. Don’t get locked into somebody else’s idea of what a subscription management and billing system should look like. With our unique BluIQ Cloud Extensibility Platform, you have the tools you need to create your system your way.

Whether pricing/packaging complexity, channel management, globalization, digital asset management, or custom processes and systems, BluLogix allows you to handle complexity with the ease of an out-of-the-box solution.

Quickly and cost effectively align to your existing systems and processes with BluIQ for your billing software, your way

Built for Volume and Scalability

Out of the box ease for today and enterprise-grade capabilities for tomorrow, no matter the volume or complexity of charges.

Enterprise – grade scale for growing B2B companies’ subscription businesses, BluIQ is custom built to manage large volumes of transactions and data, quickly and easily. Our innovative mediation engine allows us to consume and normalize large volumes of data better than anyone else and process your transactions at enterprise scale.

Unlike platforms built for simple, transactional point of sale e-commerce companies who cater to consumer accounts with a low volume of transactions per account, BluIQ is different. BluIQ is uniquely equipped to manage a very high numbers of complex charges (including consumption, business entity, multiple currencies, channel partners) per account, based around an invoice period.

Built for Volume and Scalability

BluIQ is hosted on AWS’s Well-Architected platform, so large amounts of complex charging data that requires significant processing resources to generate invoices on a timely and accurate basis is no problem. No timeouts, no days long invoice runs, no manual processing with BluIQ.



Make changes in real-time, allowing you to maximize your revenue, profitability and customer experience in hours, not days. With BluIQ, you get your billing system, your way

Many businesses with complex products, pricing, billing attributes, or channels believe they can’t have it all – the ability to change prices, customize to their own requirements and build offerings that meet their customers’ needs.

BluIQ turns idea this on its head. We’re one of the industry leaders in volume and agility according to MGI Research. With BluIQ, you CAN have it your way, within your timeframe, without exorbitant development costs. You’re in control of your system – what you want to do, when you want to do it and how and with what resources.

BluIQ doesn’t lock you into one model. Our flexibility allows you to make changes in minutes not months, helping you adapt to shifting market dynamics that drive the requirement for new product innovation and monetization.

BluIQ is configurable, not customized. This means you won’t spend months and years getting your system to operational. You’ll be up and running quickly on a system that suits your needs, not the configuration that some simplified platform thinks you should fit your processes into.

Infinitely Flexible Product Catalog

Put your best foot forward with BluIQ’s infinitely flexible product catalog

With BluIQ, you have no limits when it comes to complexity and agility. In fact, we’re ranked in the top five for both categories by leading industry analyst firm MGI Research.

Implement the growth strategy that works for your company with one of the most flexible and robust product catalogs in the business. BluIQ gives you the ability to create limitless combinations of products, services, prices, packages, channels, and discounting, with relationships and dependencies managed in one cohesive platform.

Infinitely Flexible Product Catalog

Advanced Automation Capabilities

Advanced Automation Capabilities

BluIQ’s industry leading ability to handle both complexity and volume is based on our advanced automation capabilities

For companies in growth mode, the ability to manage volume is the key to success. For companies with complexities such as multiple systems, automation is central to a subscription management and billing system’s ability to handle high volumes of transactions, built for the way your complex business operates.

  • Subscription Billing Automation 
  • Sales Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Provisioning Automation 
  •  Active Orchestration & Automation

Integration and Customization Powered by the BluIQ Cloud Extensibility Platform

Your system, your way, without the time and expense of customization with the BluIQ Cloud Extensibility Platform

With BluIQ CEP, you can build a fully connected system that allows you to automate business processes and connect front and back office systems with unified integrations. The extensible platform gives you the tools you need and all the benefits of a fully custom system, without the delays, exorbitant costs, and system constraints: 

  • Operate at the highest level of efficiency with a fully connected system 
  • Reduce errors and revenue leakage by integrating and streamlining everything from sales, provisioning and accounting 
  • Accelerate your time to live with pre-built customizations, configurations and system components
Integration and Customization Powered by the BluIQ Cloud Development Platform

Power Your Channels

Power Your Channels

Diversify your revenue streams by adding a partner ecosystem that fuels growth

Build a channel partner network you can manage at scale, for even the most complex business models. BluIQ lets you open new opportunities for growth by optimizing channel partners revenue. 

With BluIQ, you can extend billing data and functionality to the channel to enable N-tier channel support and management, recognize top-line revenue, and retain customer ownership with all your partners, agents and VAR’s in one billing system 

  • Multi-tier channel support
  • Distributors, resellers and agents 
  • Cross-partner orchestration for catalog, orders, provisioning and re-billing 
  • Partner self-care portal & commission calculation

Enhanced Globalization

Easily Expand into New Markets by Crossing Any Border

With the ability to support localized billing requirements, including multi-currency, multilingual, regional tax support and the enablement of sales and customer relationship management across multiple regions, your growth opportunities are endless. 

With BluIQ, you can manage your complex portfolio of products and services in any language, currency, billing model and industry with one integrated subscription management and billing system. 

  • Billing Localization 
  • Multi-currency / Multilingual 
  • Regional Taxation
Enhanced Globalization

True Multi-tenant Enablement

True Multi-tenant Enablement

Provide full autonomy to your business units or partners with true multi-tenant enablement

Build an N-Tier tenant hierarchy under any parent to provide multiple business units full control of the revenue and customer lifecycles while synchronizing data across multiple tenants and channels. 

  • Parent Tenant Instance for N-Tier Tenant Hierarchy
  • Control of Multiple Tenant Logins 
  • Aggregation of Data from Multiple Tenant Instances
  • Cross-Tenant Data Management 
  • Cross-Tenant Configuration Synchronization 
  • Each tenant can have inherit catalog from parent and create their own catalog.
  • Each tenant has its own General Ledger and Payment Gateway

Enterprise Grade Security Control

Enterprise grade compliance and security, designed to exceed the most rigorous standards

Built for the most secure global organizations, BluIQ is ideal for scale, flexibility, diversity, and ease of use. Minimize your risk, maximize your security and safeguard compliance with BluIQ. 

BluIQ is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, offering extensive protection of data and safeguards against service interruptions with SSAE16 and ISO/IEC 27001 compliance Privacy, Security and Compliance · 

  • AICPA SOC 1, Type 1 and 2 compliant 
  • AICPA SOC 2, Type 1 and 2 compliant 
  • GDPR Compliant 
  • PCI Compliant 
  • SSL-based authentication for API
Enterprise Grade Security Control

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