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Streamlining Operations with Unified Catalog Solutions 1.png

Unlock the potential of unified catalog solutions to streamline your operations and enhance your billing strategy. By creating a standardized catalog, businesses can simplify the process of creating quotes and orders, ensuring consistency and efficiency across sales processes.

Streamline Serialized Inventory Management with BluIQ Virtual Inventory 1.png

In today’s digital landscape, precision in inventory and billing is paramount. BluLogix introduces BluIQ Virtual Inventory, a robust solution tailored to manage serialized devices and services seamlessly within recurring billing environments.

Simplify Complex Billing with BluIQ 1 (2)

Struggling with managing IT resources, tracking costs, and billing end users effectively? BluIQ by BluLogix offers a streamlined solution to optimize service delivery and billing processes.

Secure Business Continuity with Cloud Escrow 1.png

Protect your business with a reliable Cloud Escrow Solution designed to guarantee uninterrupted service for SaaS subscribers.

Elevate Your Data Management with Advanced Data Staging amp Mediation Solutions 1.png

Discover cutting-edge data management solutions tailored to optimize your operations and drive growth. From data staging to automated reconciliation, our platform empowers seamless integration and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

BluIQ™ The sophistication of a custom built system at out of the box prices and timelines.png

From automation and consolidation to monetization and marketplaces, experience the best-in-class, all-in-one subscription management and billing platform for monetization models of all kinds – subscription, recurring, consumption-based and episodic.

CPQ for Salesforce.png

BluLogix goes beyond Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) to deliver an integrated approach to a repeatable standardized business process built to scale. BluLogix is your subscription revenue system of record from which quotes can easily be created and converted to orders with provisioning automation.

Subscription Contract Management.png

BluLogix offers Subscriber Management apps for greater efficiency, higher renewal rates, and more revenue per user. Correctly congure products, control pricing, maximize cross-selling and upselling and deliver quotes fast. Then invoice and recognize revenue promptly, gaining immediate visibility and insights from every part of the sales lifecycle.

How to Create a Monetization Framework.png

Success in the digital economy requires that organizations move beyond traditional ways of doing business while accelerating market-facing responsiveness. Increasing competition and shifting market dynamics complicate revenue predictability.

Digital Transformation Pillars of Success.png

Billing just got easier. In today’s data-driven digital commerce, an adaptive end-to-end billing platform is the perfect match to reach your revenue goals

Are you leaving revenue on the table.png

Automation that enables your team to extract the most value out of your customer relationships. Manage product lifecycle and take control of your finances with an intelligent billing platform.

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