Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Quote with Speed and Ease

Seamless quote-to-cash experience both in our own native UI or with popular CRMs, integrating catalogs, quotes, discounts, and orders for your CPQ, your way.

 BluIQ allows you to quote with speed and ease, and manage your process from sign-ups to renewals to upgrades, across the subscriber lifecycle for products, services and any type of use or subscription model.

Simply Customized with BluIQ CPQ

Simply Customized with BluIQ CPQ

Blue IQ allows you to build a unified (quote to cash & CPQ are different) solution that meets your requirements, without costly and time consuming ‘from scratch’ customizations. 

Simplify your operations with the all-in-one platform that consolidates your data, allowing you to configure, price, quote, bill and manage revenue to create a fast, seamless process of configuring and buying products and services that meets your buyers’ needs.

Ease of Use and Accuracy for Streamlined CPQ

  • Configure & Price: Accurately configure and quote products and services using the unified product catalog and configuration flatform 
  • Quote: automatically generate quotes with digital signing to increase your sales velocity 
  • Revenue: leverage BluIQ’s all-in-one platform to support your entire revenue management process
Ease of Use and Accuracy for Streamlined CPQ
With BluIQ You Have

With BluIQ You Have

  • Complex Catalogs & Services Management
  • Integrated Price Books 
  • Discounting & Promotion Engine 
  • Product Service Details 
  • Quote Creation and Management Using the Customizable Quoting Wizard
  • Approval and Pricing Management 
  • Estimated Tax Calculation 
  • Quote Acceptance and Digital Signature
  • Contract Management
  • Order Management, Provisioning and Activation

Get beyond basic billing with a monetization
solution built for any scenario.

BluLogix delivers a subscription, usage-based, and consumption billing platform
that accelerates revenue growth, enables digital transformation, and empowers channels.

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There’s no doubt that subscription offerings are the fastest-growing delivery mechanism in the market and, before too long, it will be the dominant way to deliver services and products in the economy. 


CPQ stands for configure-price-quote and refers to sales software used by companies to enable sellers to efficiently configure pricing packages and provide quotes to clients. 

Case Studies

For companies with complex business models and multiple integrations, custom development has always been a challenge – it takes too long, costs too much and removes all of the control from your team.