BluIQ’s industry leading ability to handle both complexity and volume is based on our advanced automation capabilities

For companies in growth mode, the ability to manage volume is the key to success. For these enterprises, with complexities such as multiple systems, processes and business models, automation is central to a subscription management and billing system’s ability to handle high volumes of transactions, built for the way your complex business operates.

Subscription Billing Automation

  • Billing Automation Workflow Engine: With built-in workflow automation, eliminate manual processes from any aspect of your operation to maximize productivity.
  • Notifications: Trigger alerts and notifications when critical events happen to both customers and internal employees.
  • Automated data staging & mediation and rating 
  • Service Inventory Automation
Sales Automation

Sales Automation

  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Multi-tier account hierarchy
  • integration
  • CPQ Automation
  • Order and renewal management
  • eCommerce
  • Storefront / Customer Payment Portal

Process Automation

  • UI wizards, orchestration, multiple perspectives
  • Notifications, events control, order fulfillment & security
  • Advanced business model recurring revenue automation, including revenue model, geography, channel and legal/regulatory
  • Process automation & workflow configuration via external API
Process Automation
Provisioning Automation

Provisioning Automation

  • Triggered provisioning workflow from order entry.
  • Third party Integration support (API, Webhooks and more) with connection to multiple events such as activation, MACD, and more
  • Automated suspension and reactivation based on triggering events.
  • Triggering by financial or consumption control such as credit, volume,collection and more.

Active Orchestration & Automation

  • Multiple data perspectives
  • Email and SMS Notification
  • Financial and event-based dunning control
  • Order activation
  • Analytics and reporting
  • User access control
Active Orchestration & Automation

Get beyond basic billing with a monetization
solution built for any scenario.

BluLogix delivers a subscription, usage-based, and consumption billing platform
that accelerates revenue growth, enables digital transformation, and empowers channels.

Webinars & Videos

There’s no doubt that subscription offerings are the fastest-growing delivery mechanism in the market and, before too long, it will be the dominant way to deliver services and products in the economy. 


CPQ stands for configure-price-quote and refers to sales software used by companies to enable sellers to efficiently configure pricing packages and provide quotes to clients. 

Case Studies

For companies with complex business models and multiple integrations, custom development has always been a challenge – it takes too long, costs too much and removes all of the control from your team.