Reporting and Insights

Manage your Business with Customizable Reports and Insights

Understand your business in detail with out-of-the-box and custom reporting with BluIQ. Reports are integral to knowing how your business is performing including sales trends, revenue & profitability, outstanding invoices and more.

With BLuIQ, you get the flexibility, scale and agility to truly understand your customers usage and billing data



  • Month-over-Month Comparisons 
  • Projections for MRCs, NRCs, and other Revenue 
  • Projected vs Actual Billing 
  • Month-over-Month Daily Comparisons
  • And More


  • Revenue – Current vs. Prior Year
  • Billed Revenue by Employee
  • Payment Methods Utilized

Accounts Receivable

  • A/R Aging 
  • Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Average Days Delinquent 
  • Invoice Details

Account Management

  • Clients Churned 
  • Customer Lifetime Value 
  • Upcoming Account Renewals
  • New vs. Lost Customers
Accounts Receivable​
Order Management

Order Management

  • Completed Orders by Type
  • Average Days to Complete
  • Yearly Order Trends
  • Order Details by Customer

Usage-Based Reporting

  • Product Usage
  • Rated vs. Unrated
  • Trends of Usage over time


  • Location-Based analysis
  • Jurisdiction-Based analysis


  • Volume and Time History and Trends
  • Customer-Level Analysis
  • Duration Metrics
  • Customer Support Capacity


  • Overall Commissions Status
  • Details by Location and Product
  • Top agent analysis

Get beyond basic billing with a monetization
solution built for any scenario.

BluLogix delivers a subscription, usage-based, and consumption billing platform
that accelerates revenue growth, enables digital transformation, and empowers channels.

Webinars & Videos

There’s no doubt that subscription offerings are the fastest-growing delivery mechanism in the market and, before too long, it will be the dominant way to deliver services and products in the economy. 


CPQ stands for configure-price-quote and refers to sales software used by companies to enable sellers to efficiently configure pricing packages and provide quotes to clients. 

Case Studies

For companies with complex business models and multiple integrations, custom development has always been a challenge – it takes too long, costs too much and removes all of the control from your team.