Webinar: Things Your CFO Can’t Overlook Moving to the Usage-based Economy Tuesday, March 28 | 11:00 AM PT | 2:00 PM ET | 7:00 PM BST

From Software-as-a-Service to telecom, UCaaS and Broadband to IT Services to even Healthcare and the Public Sector, consumption and usage pricing models are radically changing the recurring revenue revolution, creating new opportunities for some and turbulent waters for others.

“Moving to usage-based pricing can be fraught with challenges – and with CFO’s on the hotseat to lead the charge, it’s critical to understand the pitfalls and avoid the minefields.”

— Tim Cook, Chief Customer Officer
Mclean, VA – March 2, 2023 More and more, when companies are looking at subscription revenue, they are faced with the increased drive for consumption-based billing.  For customers, the appeal is that they are only charged for the volume consumed.  For businesses able to adapt, the benefits include improved retention, increased revenue, decreased cost of customer acquisition and higher margins, leading to improved cash flow and higher valuations. 

“The current business environment demands flexibility not a rigid one-size-fits-all system, this is especially true for your tax department with the volatility of sales tax regulation and rate changes.”

– Brent Reeves, Chief Revenue Officer, CereTax

CFOs are being tasked with leading their organizations into this new digital economy by focusing on the transformation to usage or consumption charging, while solving for scalability of billing and taxes with automation.   

Tune in to hear from BluLogix Chief Strategy Officer Tim Cook and Brent Reeves, Co-Founder and CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) of CereTax as they highlight the top five areas that CFOs can’t afford to overlook when adopting consumption billing, including:  


  • Bundled products and services offer a competitive advantage but create tax calculation challenges that tie back to the components of the bundle.  
  • It is difficult to manage ASC-606 revenue recognition and tax implications for products that combine advanced payment and usage.   
  • Manual processes put into place to deal with exceptions created from usage and consumption billing are not scalable as demand dis-aggregates from centralized purchasing.  
  • With digital transformation globalization of products and services, and their related taxes, must be addressed.  

Attendees can expect to get critical insights into their consumption billing challenges, including   

  • Why end-to-end process automation is so critical   
  • Taxation and the changing rules around consumption billing   
  • How to maximize your pricing options and revenue potential, including multi-attribution consumption billing models for real time and dynamic pricing  
  • How your monetization platform can drive changing models for Forecasting, RevRec, GL (General Ledger) Hierarchy, and Margin Analysis     
  • Why optimizing Channels is critical to growth and how compensation issues can be addressed   

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About BluLogix

BluLogix enterprise monetization platform is built to enable companies to scale and grow their revenue, regardless of their business model or the complexity of their product, services or pricing structure.  Our industry-recognized platform allows organizations of all sizes across all industries to manage their products, channels, pricing, and operations with ease, confidently relying on our innovative automation engines and streamlined customization capabilities

The BluIQ Cloud Development Toolkit, unique in the industry, ensures that enterprises looking to scale their revenue can create the system they want, their way, to service their business model while creating intellectual property that differentiates them in their markets.   

About CereTax:

CereTax was created, with a team of leaders in the industry, to be the first tax automation solution built to take advantage of the countless technological advancements that have occurred since the last enterprise tax platform was developed over a decade ago. 

CereTax is engineered in a way that truly transforms how a tax automation platform operates. The platform is built with the customer in mind which allows them to handle the challenges many their businesses face with legacy solutions from speed and scalability, to dependability and throughput. 

Unleashing Usage-Based Pricing to Drive Growth, Customer Satisfaction and Retention: The Why’s, How’s and Roadmap Webinar