BluLogix launches the BluIQ Cloud Extensibility Platform (CEP), an all-in-one development framework to help companies quickly, easily, and cost-effectively

BluIQ CEP offers cost-efficient and time-saving approach that provides an integrated development framework and SDK foundation to allow enterprises to extend their billing functionality across their entire monetization process, enabling them to build their subscription management and billing system, their way and expand beyond simply billing.

Mclean, VA – November 29, 2022 Today, BluLogix, a leader in the subscription management and billing software market, announces the general availability of the BluIQ Cloud Extensibility Platform , an all-in-one development toolkit.   BluIQ CEP is an innovative Software-as-a-Service based technology stack for enterprises and systems integrators to create unique and rich applications on the Cloud, with a model-driven platform and pre-built components that require little coding

“BluIQ was built for customers who could not bend their business models and processes to fit into other subscription management and billing platforms, that required months of development time to meet their requirements and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for customization,” 

Youssef Yaghmour, CEO, BluLogix  

and ensure developers will not need to reinvent the wheel or code from scratch.

BluIQ CEP is designed to help companies with complex billing requirements deploy subscription and as-a-Service billing platforms faster and tailored to their business requirements, providing simpler, quicker, and less costly customized solutions to complex billing scenarios.  It highlights the unique capabilities of the BluIQ Platform, and Blulogix as the only provider in the industry offering truly customizable solutions, fully managed by customers.

BluIQ CEP’s pre-built components and development toolkit facilitates rapid development capability for

  • Enhancing or completely redesigning the user experience or workflow to match existing business processes
  • Adding additional data sources and functionality to streamline the entire monetization process
  • Integrating third party systems with the BluIQ Platform or embedding the BluIQ Marketplace or Storefront into other applications
  • Developing whole new web applications and solutions, or new functionality that enhances productivity or automates data and business tasks
  • Building new headless commerce engines to customize and enhance ecommerce

Developers can use components as-is, update elements, or customize the entire experience to match the look and feel of their other applications, all using pre-built components that reduce development time by up to 80%.

With BluIQ Cloud Extensibility Platform, customers gain control of the monetization experience.  The CEP allows customers to create their own end-to-end experience, own and manage their own proprietary process, retain complete control of solution development, timeframes, and resources and create a competitive advantage with their own IP:

  • Rapid development:  BluIQ CEP allows developers to integrate pre-coded features simply and efficiently, using the resources of their choosing, and by doing so, accelerate development and reduce the time to completion.
  • Cost-saving: the CEP significantly reduces engineering time and the costs needed to maintain and update code
  • Customization: The BluIQ CEP Software Development Kits (SDK’s) help customers tailor their subscription management and billing platform, creating truly personalized user experiences
  • Improved user experience: By using BluIQ’s development platform, customers can ensure the systems work well with other applications and run smoothly
  • Building their own IP: With BluIQ, customers are able to create new applications, functionality and interfaces, ensuring competitive differentiation

“Many organizations are looking for creative ways to differentiate through monetization while also driving improvements in customer satisfaction.” said Igor Stenmark, Managing Director at MGI Research. “In the past, avoiding the one-size-fits-all dilemma required massive investment in custom development. Today, Cloud Extensibility Platform like BluIQ, provide the tools needed to balance the unique monetization requirements of many complex organizations with the use of off-the-shelf, pre-integrated components. The development platform approach supports the ability of companies to scale up complex monetization use cases with agility while preserving the ability of business to retain control over key automated processes.”

BluIQ CEP has been in production for the past twelve months, helping customers accelerate their development timelines, create integrated subscription management and billing processes, and build differentiated experiences that delight customers as well as their internal billing departments.  To see the CEP in action, download our featured case study now.  

To learn more about the BluLogix BluIQ Cloud Extensibility Platform, please read visit our website at read the blog post from Tim Cook, BluLogix Chief Customer Officer, titled “Why the BluIQ CEP Will Improve Your Monetization Strategy”. 

About BluLogix

BluLogix enterprise subscription management and billing platform is built to enable companies to scale and grow their revenue, regardless of their business model or the complexity of their product, services or pricing structure.  Our industry-recognized platform allows organizations of all sizes across all industries to manage their products, channels, pricing, and operations with ease, confidently relying on our innovative automation engines, integration platform and streamlined customization capabilities. The BluIQ Cloud Extensibility Platform, unique in the industry, ensures that enterprises looking to scale their revenue can create the system they want, their way, to service their business model while creating intellectual property that differentiates them in their markets.