Transform your B2B subscription billing with this Chargebee alternative

Whether you’re switching to a subscription model from a traditional one or you need to simplify your complex billing problems, BluIQ™, an end-to-end, automated, all-in-one billing and subscription management platform, helps customers accelerate time to revenue, diversify product portfolios, create streamlined, scalable billing and revenue processes and leverage data to make critical business decisions in real-time.

By integrating with your existing tech stack, BluIQ™brings the benefit of configurable out-of-the-box functionality with no lengthy, complex and costly ‘customization’ required, putting your organization’s destiny back into your own hands, no matter its size or industry.

BluLogix Features

Manage any type of subscription, even the most complex, with BluIQ. Create velocity by automating complex tasks with an ecosystem that interconnects your data faster, activates any functionality you need for your business, and releases products faster than ever without the need to get IT in the mix.

Intelligent Subscription, usage and ‘as-a-Service’ billing platform with BluIQ’s configurable platform that bridges the gaps between your CRM, ERP and related business processes. Create a seamless monetization process and convert any product into an as-a-Service offering.

BluIQ’s automated platform gives your finance team the ultimate flexibility to manage contracts, map general ledger codes, recognize revenue, manage taxes and compliance, recapture revenue and access and optimize data.

Analyze margins and costs at granular level for services, products, providers, channels, customers, invoices, periods and billing entities.

Leverage your existing technology stack with tools designed to be configured, not customized. Utilize powerful connectors to exchange data with external platforms that contain information related to customers, services, billing, or revenue lifecycle.

BluLogix vs. Chargebee

Finish with the system you started with. BluIQ™ allows your organization to get your complex billing scenarios up and running in 90 days with simplicity and ease, and is scalable to grow with you to $1B and beyond. It’s the only B2B subscription monetization platform you’ll need.


Your business is more than just point and pay for a customer who has one subscription and BluIQ™ manages complexity better than anyone else. It’s built for companies whose products are more than just a simple monthly bill.

BluIQ™ is built for sophisticated product portfolios that need to manage Subscription, as-a-Service and consumption/usage-based billing models.


BluIQ™ doesn’t lock you into one model. Our flexibility allows you to make changes in minutes not months, helping you adapt to shifting market dynamics that drive the requirement for new product innovation and monetization.

BluIQ™ is configurable, allowing you to launch the system you need today and the one that will grow with you as you scale your subscription business to $1B. There’s no long-term SI or IT customization required – BluIQ uses connectors, API’s, and SDK’s to get you up and running quickly, your way.

Volume & Scalability

BluIQ™ is built to manage large volumes of transactions and data. Our innovative data staging & mediation engine allows us to consume and normalize large volumes of data at scale, better than anyone else. 

BluIQ™ is built to scale, allowing you to go from $0 to unicorn in the same system. Unlike platforms that were built for simple B2C clients, who cater to consumer accounts with a low volume of transactions per account, BluIQ is uniquely equipped to manage very high volumes of complex billing transactions for business accounts, including quoting, order management, consumption charging, invoicing, payment management and revenue management.

Side by Side Chargebee BluLogix
Out-of-the-box complex subscription management simplified
Built for complex B2B subscription and ‘as-a-service’ businesses
Your system, your way
Configured, no IT or SI customization required
Fits any industry (not just Software-as-a-Service)
Modern, up-to-date architecture and interfaces
Live in 90 days
Built to scale quickly
Best of breed channel management
Real-time margin analysis (with cost management)
Transparent costs
Start with the system you finish with
Highly flexible, make changes in minutes not months
High volume consumption billing

The world's leading enterprises trust BluLogix to streamline and scale their subscription and recurring billing.

What Makes BluLogix Different

BluIQ is a Software-as-a-Service subscription management and billing platform purpose-built for B2B enterprises who are looking to take advantage of today’s subscription revolution. BluIQ Automates complex recurring billing, subscription management, Quote-to-Cash and revenue analytics, and enables companies to quickly scale, unlock new revenue opportunities and monetize new innovations quickly, across any combination of subscription, ‘as-a-Service’ or consumption-based business models.

BluIQ integrates with your existing tech stack, giving you the benefit of configurable out-of-the-box functionality with no lengthy, complex and costly ‘customization’ required. For many clients, BluIQ can be delivered in less than 90 days.


Opening the subscription economy for every type of business.

Any business model

Subscription, as-a-Service and consumption/usage-based billing platform


One-time, recurring and usage fees in one platform.


Your business, your way, BluIQ™ is a configurable platform that bridges the gaps between your CRM, ERP and related business processes.


Start with the billing platform you’ll finish with. $0 to unicorn with one billing platform.


BluIQ™ is the ideal solution for companies with complex billing transactions and high volume.


Your business is complicated enough. Make your subscription billing platform easy.


System operability in under 90 days with concierge onboarding.

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