By Tim Cook

Is SD-WAN-as-a-Service the Next Big Market Opportunity?

Managing the complexities of SD-WAN

It’s no secret, SD-WAN is quickly making inroads in all business sectors. However, the benefits of an SD-WAN application – operating in an agnostic multi-carrier network scenario – also creates unique challenges. Managing multiple carriers and networks adds an administrative requirement that most enterprises are not equipped to deal with internally.

Your Subscription Management & Billing System, Your Way

Multi-carrier environments mean that there are multiple carrier relationships, numerous contracts, different service terms, and a variety of pricing agreements to manage, as well as, various processes for troubleshooting and support. This multi-carrier network scenario is a very different model carries a different administrative burden than the single carrier model typical of MPLS.

Addressing and managing this administrative challenges creates a new service opportunity for Value Added Resellers, Managed Service Providers, CLECs and other network connectivity solution providers to deliver SD-WAN-as-a-Service (SD-WaaS). In SD-WAN-as-a-Service offerings, SD-WAN and security will likely converge into a software-based, cloud service that is managed and delivered as a single solution, replacing expensive and challenging to manage MPLS solutions.

Monetizing SD-WAN “as-a-service” offerings

Based on advanced catalog management, service detail hierarchies, and a data-centric approach, BLUIQ is uniquely positioned to enables connectivity solution providers with a monetization platform ideal for SD-WAN. BLUIQ also allows vendors to identify and manage specific circuit IDs, service providers, and account information, while also managing multiple carrier contracts delivered and invoiced as a single solution. Learn more about the BLUIQ platform.