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What is CPQ and why you need an upgrade

What is CPQ? CPQ stands for configure-price-quote and refers to sales software used by companies to enable sellers to efficiently configure pricing packages and

July 29, 2021

MGI Research Expert Panel on Usage Pricing: Pitfalls and Best Practices – Beyond the Hype

MGI Research Expert Panel On Usage Pricing: Pitfalls and Best Practices – Beyond The Hype Why usage-based pricing (UBP)? 2021 has seen the rise

December 6, 2021

Major pitfalls to avoid on your recurring revenue journey

Recurring revenue has become the gold standard for many organizations in the SaaS, IoT and Cloud Computing industries as shareholders and customers alike are

July 29, 2021

Webinar | Building the Ultimate Automated Business Processes for the Digital Workforce

One of today’s modern workforce challenges is how to digitize and automate business processes for manual workflows to improve operational efficiency and accuracy. Businesses

June 21, 2021

The business impact of failing to adapt

This era of commerce is marked by the prevalence of digital products and services. And the cost of acquiring new customers keeps going up

June 16, 2021

When is the right time to automate billing?

Every business needs a process for charging or invoicing customers. In the realm of Software-as-a-Service and Cloud Computing technologies, automated billing is increasingly prevalent.

May 19, 2021

Digital Transformation: More Than A Technology Upgrade

What is Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation (DX) is the journey of creating new business processes or updating existing business processes using the power of

May 19, 2021